6—8 March 2019

John McIntyre Conference Centre, Edinburgh

About The Move

We were delighted with how much our event grew in it’s first four years but sadly we outgrew our beloved London venue, 15Hatfields, and so in 2018 we had to move. Here’s the background on why we moved 400 miles to Edinburgh.

About The Move

The information below is from a message we sent to our mailing list (including past participants) regarding SDinGov first being held in Edinburgh in 2018:

We haven’t taken the decision to move lightly. We looked at participant feedback, where people were travelling from and which areas we could move to that would help us add more value to your experience without having to significantly increase the price of a ticket.

There were a lot of discussions over all the options available to us and the team spent a long time weighing up what would be the best decision. Having held events in Edinburgh for many years, it was a strong candidate from the start.

SDinGov is our most international event with participants and speakers joining us from all over the world. We are sure the opportunity to visit Scotland’s seat of government, and see another of the UK’s most beautiful cities, will be an exciting bonus. We are already striving to bring you a great programme and will be announcing our first Keynote in the near future.

We are working hard to ensure the event brings you the same quality, value and warmth you have come to expect from the past 4 years. With great international links, the Scottish Parliament and the beautiful historical city of Edinburgh to explore around the event, we are confident your 2018 SDinGov experience will be duly enriched.

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